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These athletes use the BSB shorts, here are their testimonials: 



Delphine Delouard

I received the boxer well last weekend, I wore it during my last two karate training. I had no trouble installing it properly, but I admit it was hard to feel comfortable with it at the start. I even feared that it would not meet my expectations. Finally, it was only a time of adaptation and from the first training, I felt its usefulness, even if it was a fairly quiet recovery session. I was able to do all the movements and exercises without fear and without pain. This was confirmed during the second session, however difficult, physical and particularly critical since we only did kicks, typically the kind of training that usually gives me pain, and I did believe that this would be the case, but I was able to do the whole session without pain and yet putting a lot of energy. I remained vigilant all the same but I am convinced in spite of everything that it is thanks to the boxer that I was able to follow this training, and that I did not hurt today, it is even clearly obvious! In terms of sensations, my pelvis is well maintained, relieved, without being too tight or jammed, I do have freedom of movement, and above all, I feel it safe, it is really the main feeling that I have. I was hoping that it would be a support to resume smoothly but there I am downright impressed by its effectiveness, congratulations to you for this design !! Good luck, I will recommend the boxer as soon as I have the opportunity.


Malik Sidibe

I am 26 years old, I weigh 98kg for 1m97. I play basketball. I feel a pain in the adductor but well at the level of the pubis therefore while passing examinations my doctor did not deduce a Pulbagia from it. From the morning pain, during my defense activity (lateral displacement) pain

very effective I used it 3 weeks after my adductor injury so it helped me to recover, thank you.




I am 1.97m for 107kg, I am 47 years old and I practice baseball. In fact end of training on a lateral movement, I felt a point at the groin and which diffuses on the adductors. Handicap to lower me, squat down, and all side movements.

I am super happy, normal recovery and now I wear it as a preventive...

Viet Vo Dao et Boxe


Mikael Coroller

I am 46 years old, I measure 1.90 for 93 kg, I practice Viet Vo Dao, traditional and fighting boxing. a little reminder of my worries I made myself a tear in the abdominals (pulling up the knees) while training a lot last year, for an exam I took a break without abs for 3 months, I did physiotherapy (painkiller) and a little mesotherapy, I have some pain when inserting the abductors and on the front of the hip, and I still feel the abs when I wear something a little heavy. Since wearing BSB it's going downright better pubic pain has almost disappeared, tendon pain in the hip at the top of the abductors as well. There is a little pain in the hips (joint) but it is a pain that I sometimes had before my tear. I used it for Viet vo Dao lessons, stand up paddle surfing, stand up paddle hikes, windsurfing, and even hikes with my dog. I am starting to gradually remove it for the activities except for the Viet. I also wondered how long people kept it for activities and whether it should be kept for a while even if the pain started to go away. In any case, for the moment it has allowed me to resume all of my activities in an intense way, so it is downright a success.


Laurent Moulon

My weight 88k for 171 and I am 52 years old. I do not practice any more sport but am a waiter in a restaurant thus standing without interruption from 6 h to 15 intensive walks during an hour with a lot of lateral departure to the right. Since May my doctor has diagnosed me with an adductor tear in the upper thigh and since I am self-employed I cannot stop. I remain at your entire disposal for any further information.

The shorts go very well. Thank you