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You can wear the Boxer Strap Bassin under a short, discreet, and comfortable, it doesn’t bother your movements no matter what type of sport you practice.

For men, women, and adolescents.

This product has a European patent Made in France         photo short boxer strap bassin

This product was developed by a kinesiologist ex-soccer player of the Rennes stadium and a soccer coach in the Bretagne football league. The BSB is a short that straps the hipbones to suppress Pubalgia, psoas, and adductors pain. It doesn’t bother your movements no matter the sport that you practice.

This Product has a European patent est and it is the only one that can be adjusted so you can adjust it according to the pain level and wear it as a means of prevention as well as a cure in all types of sports.

Can be used for all types of sports

the goal of the BSB is to allow athletes an immediate return to any sports activity without having to follow a resting period.


Set up of the BSB short by the Professional soccer player Florian Raspentino Grenoble foot 38

A little anatomical lesson

photo short boxer strap bassin

The hipbones are jointed forward by two branches that form the pubic symphysis that acts like a crossroad where on top are inserted the rectus abdominis muscles and lower the abductors. The hip receives the insertion of the Psoas and that goes onto the hipbone and the vertebral column.
Any Instability or imbalance of the forces applied to the pubic area is going to cause hips pains.

Short Boxer Strap Bassin BSB: The solution recommended by professionals





Short Boxer Strap Bassin BSB: The solution recommended by the public

Armel VOISIN - Running

I am 62 years old I practice running (trail, marathon…) my weight 63kg for 1m68, waist size 84 and thigh 50. I already had a pubalgia in 2006 there I have pain in adductors especially the next day after running after that it goes a bit… I wanted to do at least 2 trails before giving my news so I ran 2 times 15km + some training and I am very satisfied with the BSB I have no pain thank you size L was the right size.

Franck MONIN - Multi Sports

Reminder of my problem for more than a month, I have a pubalgia (diagnosis of my general practitioner and my osteopath); I’m 50 years old and I’m athletic (football, running, cycling) this pubalgia prevents me from continuing their practice. I come to inform you of my total satisfaction with my BSB, thanks to him, I was able to resume sport (jogging, soccer). I also talked about it to my osteopath, thanking you and your seriousness. cordially

Aude TESTARS - Handball

Just a little message to tell you that I am very happy it allows me to redo the hand! After I can not do 1 hour of intensive sport playing on the supports because it sometimes raises, but it has nothing to do with the pain I had before, it's great! Thanks again!

Jean Yves PIQUIONNE - Kinesiologist Foot Sélection Martinique

I use the BSB with now around ten players, all advanced level. I have very good results, the boxer allows the players to express themselves in competition despite the irregularity of the grounds with us without worsening their pubalgia. Most of them have a parallel rehabilitation program to stabilize their states. The captain of the squad (first boxer) now plays normally and only uses it for certain matches. Thank you for everything.

Emmanuel EPISTOLIN - baseball

I am 1.97m for 107kg, I am 47 years old and I practice baseball. In fact end of training on a lateral displacement I felt a point at the groin and which diffuses on the adductors… Handicapant to lower myself, squat and all lateral movements… I am super happy, normal recovery and now I'm wearing it as a preventive…

Mickaël MOLLE - Running

I’m 39 years old I run ‍♂️ both road and Trail ……. And also soccer but really occasionally (former soccer player for 30 years). Pain in adductors after cumulative efforts (running and walking) .... I come to give you my first sensations on the boxer that I tried twice (Saturday and Tuesday) everything went well, the boxer made its effect. No pain during my races, neither during nor after the top …… and a good feeling of security. Thank you !

William Jankovic - Tennis

I am 38 years old, my weight is 87 kg for 1m90, I mainly practice tennis in competition since the age of my 15 years (old 3/6), moreover I make urbanfoot to five, 2 times per week . I'm left-handed, I have a problem with my right hip. For example: It hurts when I bend down to do my shoelace on the right, as well as a lack of flexibility in the hip and pain inside on hamstring stretches. My osteopath tells me that my pelvis is moving and that my hip lacks mobility. The shorts give me great relief, I have gained in amplitude and power. Unfortunately, I am not diligent when it comes to stretching. I recommend it to my loved ones.

Remi LABOUAL - Rugby

I play rugby at the wing or back end. Symptoms are sharp pain starting from the bottom and going down on the inside of the thigh (only right leg) with a fairly pronounced feeling of stiffness and this manifests itself without much prevention, perhaps during an effort or even when I turned in the bed. 6 months ago on a fairly pronounced hook I made a tear in the adductor which I treated correctly but now it becomes difficult to have a painless session and my doctor told me that pubalgia is lying in wait for me… As for BSB, it's great, it relieves effectively during effort and I am not sparing myself in rugby because we have a very complicated start to the season with a lot of injuries so very little turnover…. the bsb really does its job I have no complaints. Sports greetings

Dominique Zupancic - Running & Squash

I have been using the boxer for 1 month now, I am very satisfied, no more pain during the races or the squash. I talk about it and recommend it around me. Merci

Rafael Guichou - Soccer & Running

I am 25 years old, I weigh 77kg and measure 1.76m. I practice soccer (5 type futsal on synthetic ground), running and trail running. I have recurrent adductor pain when I play football: discomfort during exercise (after a few tens of minutes) when I connect the lateral supports, then acute pain at rest 2-3 days later. I played with yesterday without too much force and I did not feel any pain, neither hot nor during the recovery. And actually I felt like I was well held with the straps tight, it is really reassuring for the lateral supports and the strikes. I do the stretching + sheathing in parallel. Thanks for sending and advice!

Karim TADJENE - Triathlon & Running

Reminder of my worries: I am 50 years old, 77.5 kilos for 1m82. I practice triathlon and running takes 50% of my training time. The first symptoms appeared 1 year ago now, following a marathon preparation. The pain is localized in the pubic area has settled very gradually, until you can no longer run. I consulted and saw Dr Gilles Reboul, saw an osteopath (2 sessions), a physiotherapist (20 sessions). As soon as I resume training in an "intensive" way the pains reappear, they are less intense than at the beginning, but there is discomfort and a little pain! I was able to resume normal activity by training for running 3 to 4 times a week (with a long session of more than 20 kilometers). I no longer have these pains during and after the sessions, I also incorporated stretching and sheathing into my training routine. A little perplexed at the start, I felt better from the first outing !!! I removed the 2 straps at the level of the adductors because it seems useless to me. But this is really not disturbing, given the comfort it provides. Here, I will continue to use it in each of my outings and will not hesitate to send you news. Thanks again for this BSB.

Mikael COROLLER - Viet Vo Dao (Martial art)

Hello, I am 46 years old, I measure 1.90 for 93 kg, I practice Viet Vo Dao, traditional and combat boxing. Little reminder of my concerns. I had a tear in the abdominals (pulling up on my knees) while training a lot last year, for an exam I took a break without abs for 3 months, I did physiotherapy (painkiller ) and a little mesotherapy, I have some pain when inserting the adductors and on the front of the hip, and I still feel the abs when I wear something a little heavy. Since wearing BSB it's going downright better the pubic pain has almost disappeared, the tendon pain in the hip at the top of the abductors as well. There is a little pain in the hips (joint) but it is a pain that I sometimes had before my tear. I used it for Viet vo dao lessons, stand up paddle surfing, stand up paddle hikes, windsurfing and even hikes with my dog. I am starting to gradually remove it for the activities except for the Viet. I also wondered how long people kept it for activities and whether it should be kept for a while even if the pains started to go away. In any case, for the moment it has allowed me to resume all of my activities in an intense way, so it is downright a success. Thank you

Short Boxer Strap Bassin BSB: a scientifically proven effectiveness 


Less pressure on adductors while doing 
a linear race (type Footing)


less pressure on adductors while doing
 lateral movements

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