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How to set up the BSB ?

It will take approximatively 3 training sessions for the BSB to take the shape of your hips

Kinesiologist tips : Balance the hips : check if there is any length difference in your inferior limbs (legs) especially if the pain appears in your teen years (Go see a Kinesiologist).



Set up of the BSB by a professional soccer player at half-time.

the efficiency of the bsb depends on the tightening of the straps (the more you are in pain, the more you have to tie it up) you absolutely need to put underwear or a boxer short under the BSB  without any folds under the inferior straps.

mise en place du short boxer strap bassin





Specific stretching goes along the treatment of Pubalgia/adductors

To reduce the pain rapidly it is mandatory to associate those 3 elements while using the BSB


Stretching routine :
We advise you to do this stretching routine before and after any sports activity as a means of prevention and health care.