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These amateur athletes recommend the BSB





Mathieu Massoutier

I have spent 6 months with a painful pubalgia and psoas, in pain 24 hours a day even without effort impossible to do sports !! Physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath no change.

It's been 3 weeks that I use the Bsb, I resumed training and even a friendly match (rugby), no pain during the effort, and much less after the effort just a discomfort in the groin but which s 'gradually fades. These shorts really work I strongly recommend it to all people with pubalgia more Eric and Michel are very affordable and advise very well on the use I thank them

Jeremy Buchaca  13 Chateau renard

I am 35 and a half years old, I weigh around 71kg, I am 174 cm tall. My symptoms are severe adductor pain after my rugby matches as a referee, and after my training session by bike or running. Here is.

Frankly, it's great, maintaining the pelvis and adductors for my jogging during the week and ditto when referee in rugby on weekends ...


Mickael Gibeau

I am 33years my weight and 103kg for a height of 1m76. I play rugby. I have a pubalgia on the left side and I often hurt when cold

After 1 month of use, I really feel the difference with or sense. Great product I recommend it to all my friends. thank you, goodbye


Remi Laboual

I play rugby as a winger or aback. The symptoms are a sharp pain starting from the top and going down on the inner thigh (only right leg) with a fairly pronounced feeling of stiffness and this manifests itself without much prevention it can be during an effort or even in turning in bed. 6 months ago on a fairly pronounced hook, I made a tear in the adductor that I treated properly but now it becomes difficult to have a session without pain and my doctor m said pubalgia is coming for me ...

As for the bsb, it’s great it relieves effectively during effort and I’m not going to rugby because we have a very complicated start to the season with a lot of injuries so very little turnover…. the BSB really do its job I have no complaints 

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