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1- Is the BSB Suitable for women and adolescents ?

The BSB is equally suited to men, women, and adolescents. Indeed, women and adolescents who practice a sport (football, running, trail running, tennis, etc.) may also encounter pubalgia, adductor, psoas problems during their sport.


2- What is the shipping delay ?

The BSB boxer shorts are sent by post the same day if the order is placed before noon. Delivery is quick with tracking number: 2 to 3 days maximum after your order.


3- What is the difference between BSB and the other shorts ?

The BSB is the only adjustable shorty, it is a unique product which combines compression with the fact of “strapping” the pelvis via straps. It cures pubalgia, adductor pain, and psoas (curative role) and prevents contracting these pains during sports (preventive role). It is adjustable, it does not hinder movement whatever the sport.


4- What are the abdominal reinforcements to work on ?

The abdominal reinforcements to be carried out are those called “lateral”: in order to strengthen the small and large obliques and the square of the loins which hold the pelvis. In painful times, you should avoid the central abs, that is, the abdominal muscles.

Which abdominals to strengthen with a pubalgia ? 


5- What are the stretches to be performed? And how many times a day?

Preventive stretches :

Curative Stretches :

We can perform these stretches several times a day even without sports because they allow the pelvis to gain flexibility and elasticity and therefore absorb more tension/pressure.



6- Does BSB interfere with running and movement ?

The BSB is worn under shorts. It is light, discreet, and antiperspirant; it does not hinder movement during sport, whatever the sport.



7-Do you have points of sale in stores ?

You can find our BSB in store in 10 Intersport (Redon, Ploërmel, Vannes, Auray, Dinan, Saint-Malo, Basse-Goulaine, Rezé, Clisson) and two internet distributors (Sport Orthèse et Mat Médical France) with whom we share the same values.



8-Is the BSB satisfied or refunded?

The BSB is satisfied or refunded within 3 weeks. Note that the results appear from 15 days.



9- Can we use the BSB outside of sports activities ?

It is possible to wear it in everyday life, under your outfit, whether it is to go to work (crafts), take long walks… It will be just as effective.




10- Can it be used as a preventative and if so how?

It is recommended to use it as a preventive, it must be worn with each physical activity, don’t wait until you hurt. Wearing BSB preventively prevents you from having adductor pain and contracting pubalgia through its strap system.


As a preventive measure, always tighten the pelvis strap and moderately the other straps.



11- Where does the BSB manufacturing take place ?

The BSB is a Made In France (Made In Breizh) The manufacturing of shorts takes place in the workshops of the company Actimage located in Guémené-Penfao (In Loire Atlantique).