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These running enthusiasts testify to the effectiveness of BSB




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Freddy David 17330  Douiel sur le mignon

Hello for the moment it is not going too badly I am currently in the Pyrenees in full preparation for the 100 km of belves I think that without the BSB its would have been complicated there is that the long exit or its pulls a little but good I persist until the month of April I keep you informed according to events and again thank you


Charlene Beauducel

I am 34 years old, I am 1m60 tall and weigh 57 kg. I practice long distance trail including one ultra trail per year. I had pain in the lower abdomen for several weeks at the start of jogging (I thought it was aches). Then on November 18, during intense training and neglected warm-up, I felt a sharp pain in the lower abdomen which stopped me. The next day I could no longer lift my leg or walk normally. I stopped training, it has improved since then but I still have pain on certain movements of everyday life, when I change direction suddenly or when I hold back during a slide for example.

I do not have a lot of adductors but really in the lower abdomen on the right at the level of the psoas especially and a little at the level of the iliac on the upper thigh.

I saw my osteopath who was thinking of a psoas tear but it has already been a month and a half so I think rather of a pubalgia. Especially since I am prone to tendonitis despite good hydration and orthopedic soles changed following the wiper.

My pelvis is well-maintained thanks to him and I do not hesitate to tighten the top strap during training (it tends to loosen a little during long sessions). 

I got used to the straps on the adductors and especially I understand better the interest of keeping them well.  Contrary to what I thought, my physiotherapist showed me that it is my adductors that are problematic, at the level of insertion on the pubis (pain on palpation). 

So I continue the stretches recommended on your site more others daily with much more emphasis on adductors and post-workout pain going on. The sessions are also less and less painful. But I still don't dare lengthen the stride or do interval training. The elevation sessions go very well on the other hand because I didn't have a bad climb.


bsb short running runneuse

 Carole Calvé, marathon paris 2019

Youssef Benalia

A reminder of my concerns: I am 24 years old, 65 KG, 1.82m and I practice athletics at the national level (middle distance 800m - 1500m). I was diagnosed by my doctor and the psoas was very inflamed. I feel pain in the lower abs and the left adductor. During jogging or a race, I feel a strong pain when I let drag the legs in the back because I have a long stride and when I sprint the pain becomes very strong.

I'll give you news about the Short BSB. This is my 3rd training with the shorts and frankly, it is the top. Very good maintains adductors and I no longer feel any doubler even without the shorts. If I were to give a 20/20 efficiency rating. Thank you


David Dufeil

I had all the symptoms of a pubalgia following the Trail running. My doctor advised me to wear your shorts.

I find all my feelings and I take pleasure again. Thank you, thank you again, the pain has disappeared since I ran with the shorts.


Vincent Beau 

I am 45 years old. After a few years of football, I have been practicing running (essentially Trail over distances of 30 to 50 km) for ten years. I am part of the Nissan team at Saint Brieuc and I run about 4 to 6 times a week. Due to recurrent adductor pain, I had to stop running for a few weeks. I discovered BSB through a friend who was already using it.

Today, I use it on all sessions: jogging and even going out on the threshold. For 2 months now adductors no longer make me suffer and I can run serenely.


Sebastien Villard

I'm 42 years old, I measure 1.87m for 76km. I practice running, road and trail running, at the rate of 4x per week. My pubalgia was diagnosed by Dr BRYAND and it comes from my locked pelvis. Thus, depending on fatigue, race time, training load, pain appears mainly in my left adductor, and after a while, it diffuses into the pubic region.

So I've been using it regularly for about 1 month, 3 to 4 times a week. It's great!!! After the first 2 outings, I was perplexed because at rest I still had great pain in the adductor. So I feared that I would not have a bad current, but badly at rest. But I continued and I have to say that I hardly hurt anymore at all. After some longer or more intense workouts, the pain is mild but very bearable, but during the session, I don't feel anything anymore, it's cool. I'm starting to consider new ones to redo ultra-trails. It is a product that I recommend to athletes.

Alain Bertonnier

As agreed I come to make you a return. After 5 - 6 outings with the shorts including 2 short distance trails (15 and 25 km), it appears that I no longer have pain during my outings. I continue to see the physiotherapist once a week, who treats my tendonitis of the psoas and who prescribes stretching and muscle building. I have two big races (80km and 110km) scheduled and I plan to continue like this. To sum up, I am satisfied with the shorts because it actually allows me to continue my sports practice without having pain and I do not have the feeling of worsening my injury either. So it's positive! Thank you


Bertrand Damien

I have been running intensively for several years and I contracted a pubalgia at the end of April (inflammation at the insertion of the rectus abs). After a telephone exchange with the designers of the BSB I decided to try the adventure.

I fully validate this product which allowed me to use it without pain. I gradually see progress towards healing while keeping a significant volume of training. The interest of this product also lies in the possibility of adjusting the straps according to the intensity of the discomfort at the level of the pelvis and of the adductors without this hindering the stride. Finally, I greatly appreciated the availability of designers who respond quickly to all questions and seek advice. In short very good product, very good to combine to cure a pubalgia in addition to a Kine follow-up!


Jean Charles Clatin

After a long recovery from a pubalgia, I was able to resume trail running on the advice of a sports doctor. However, the next day I still had acute pain that woke up and bothered me for 1 or 2 days. Which slowed the complete healing of this pubalgia. I tried the BSB which had an immediate effect from the first try more pain the day after training. I have resumed some competitions equipped with the BSB and none of the pain, even after having forced. Just a very slight tightness because the pubalgia is not resolved 100%. I can continue my sport without worry with the BSB, try it is adopted! I have been using it systematically for about 2 months.

Congratulations on this find, I am impressed by its effectiveness.