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Adolescent talk about the BSB 




Tonon Jean Marc

The order is for my son.

He is 15 years old and plays rugby at SUA. It measures a little over 1m70 and weighs 59.6kg.

He had a pubalgia almost a month and a half ago. He did physiotherapy with specific exercises and rest. He resumed training 10 days ago. He had a rest, he drank water every day.

This weekend he played again and on acceleration, he felt the pain again. So he stopped and played only half the time. He must review physiotherapy tonight and as he has to play against Colomiers this WE. we wanted to try these shorts to see if he feels the pain or not. In any case, if he cannot play he will have it for the other matches

My son is better.

It is true that these shorts allowed him to resume training fairly quickly and above all to be able to play. He takes it more systematically in training but keeps it to play as a precaution. Thank you very sincerely I made the publicity around me because if other sportsmen are in the case of my son that will allow them to continue playing sports.

I wish you a great WE both of you and again a big thank you.




Marie Pierre le Henanff

Very positive feedback from my son Malo, who wore it at the start for each hand training and for matches to reduce his adductor pain.

Now he only puts it on for matches, but feels great with it, he is comfortable and above all has no more painful feelings, so he is reassured to play!





Florence Baron

My 16 year old son Ewen practices soccer at school in the sports section in Pontivy, so 5 training sessions per week, and soccer in a club on Saturdays. Ewen is having trouble with the adductors on both sides at the moment, these are pains felt especially after the games, disappear after a week and come back afterward. He tried to find solutions to be relieved, despite physiotherapy sessions, wearing orthopedic insoles, good hydration. The physiotherapist and his coach club advised him on BSB, which is why we ordered him.

there is no more pain in the adductors. He puts him in school and for all the weekend games. So he no longer goes to the physiotherapist. A big thank you because it allows him to give his all in his sport. Good luck and congratulations on this invention.


Anthony Gautier

It’s for my 17-year-old son he weighs 60 kilos for 1m70, he plays football, he has pain in adductors, it happened during a match on an acceleration.

My son was able to participate in the match this afternoon thanks to the BSB, concluded by a good qualification in Gambardella against the stadium in reims thank you

Sylvie Saucray

This boxer is intended for my son Baptiste who is 15 and a half years old, he plays football at regional level, he measures 1.80m weighs 62 kg. His pain is at the level of the right adductor, which has occurred for 15 days, making bike. Since then, the pain persists when he runs, a pain for him of 9/10 and after the effort the pain is intense, until the next morning. He learned about boxing from his friend Maël CHEDOT and was able to try it last night during a soccer training and finds that he did not feel any pain.

When I returned after 3 weeks of use he was able to resume soccer training and was able to test it during 2 running races, perfect no more pain. Best wishes to you for this new year.

Stéphanie Allain


My 14-year-old son plays in u14 FC Nantes… he has had painful adductors since the end of football just for physio… he is followed by the club staff as well as by my doctor treating doctor Fabrice Bryand former doctor of FC Nantes and of the French team… he has soles we did an acupuncturist, in short, I think we went around… he measures 1m68 and weighs 62 kg.

My son wears it every day the pains concerning his adductors are over… he still feels a small gene but he plays again for his greatest pleasure as well as that of his coach. He showed his BSB shorts to the doctor at FC Nantes as well as to the physiotherapist and they said it was very good.




Héléna Le Quinio


I am super happy with the BSB I no longer feel any pain during and after football. I just hurt in the beginning because I think I would be too thank you again, good weekend



Sofia Nakoubi


The order is for my son Ilyes who evolves within FC Lorient He underwent surgery for a bilateral inguinal hernia a year ago and was made a breakdown last September at the level of the right thigh. He resumed last week and again snapped at the thigh but left this time

He measures 1.75 and weighs 68kg

Ilyès is doing very well and has resumed competition with the reserve group in N2. He is very happy with his BSB shorts which really relieves him.



Morra james


Hello, this is for my son. He measures 1.82 and weighs 65 kg for me he must do M

The symptoms after thirty minutes of training he had pain in the right adductor and that goes back to him in the games.

Hello, after 2 months of use, he is happy, he can play without hurting 

Thank you.



Christophe Lartisien


I ordered this boxer for my Baptist son who plays football. He still has discomfort when inserting the adductor.

He still has physiotherapy sessions but I saw that it could help him.

Thank you

On top !!, my Baptist son is very happy with it and wears it in training and in matches. Thank you for your seriousness, on our side we advertise it. Thank you





I ordered BSB for my 17-year-old son Adrian, who is 1.80 m tall and weighs around 63 kg. He plays football, mainly on artificial turf. He sometimes suffers (often during the winter period) from adductor pain, both sides or even only one. A priori, the pain is located at the top at the intersection of the legs and the pelvis. These pains occur after efforts in training and also during matches and rather towards the end. Having read the information on your site and customer reviews, I really feel like your shorts could help my son. 

Adrian has been wearing the BSB shorts for 4 sessions (2 training and 2 games), he also performs the stretches offered on the site every day. He hasn't felt any pain or embarrassment since I was hopeful that the shorts would relieve my son but I never imagined it would be as effective and so fast! I'm really glad I came across your product, I'm going to advertise it in the club. 




For my 14-year-old son 1.68m 68kg U15, pro-VALENCIENNES football club, left adductor pain, high insertion level part, pain in changing pressure. Urgent because of the deadline between the training center. 

great he used the BSB for a while his pains passed and for some time more useful more pains. He keeps it in his bag in case of urgent need. thank you for everything