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Les joueurs de Tennis partagent leurs expériences sur le BSB






22 years old, 68kg, 1.70m I play tennis. My injury occurred about 6 months ago during a match, the next morning I could barely lift my right leg up the stairs.

I did not consult and took little rest, since when I make big accelerations or even when I simply lift my leg it happens to me to feel a kind of point to an adductor at the top of the right thigh

great, I use it every 2/3 days during training and I have no more pain! Thank you

Pascal Munier

This little message to thank you for sending your BSB received on time, good size. video watched exercises performed and wearing the BSB all day, amazing result. After 3 weeks no more pain. I live again and I can’t do without it again thank you for listening and your advice.

William Jankovic

I am 38 years old, my weight is 87 kg for 1m90, I mainly practice tennis in the competition since the age of 15 years (old 3/6), moreover, I do urban foot for five, twice a week. I'm left-handed, I have a problem with my right hip.

For example: It hurts when I bend down to do my shoelace on the right, as well as a lack of flexibility in the hip and pain inside on hamstring stretches. My osteopath tells me that my pelvis is moving and that my hip lacks mobility.

The shorts give me great relief, I have gained in amplitude and power. Unfortunately, I am not diligent when it comes to stretching.

I recommend it to my loved ones.