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Soccer Player Testimonials

Moissy Maxime (Jura sud foot  N2)


It was Gregory Thill and the doctor Fournier in Lyon who advised me on your BSB shorty. I'm 26, 1.80 for 79 kg. I have an inflammation between the insertion of the adductor and the pubis. It’s quite common with me, but it got worse. My main pain is when I make the pass gesture.

Hello ,

Look, I was able to resume competition very quickly after using the BSB. I felt a major difference between before and after BSB. It really relieves adductors .

Thank you for everything


Souliemane Ouadi (Montpellier Méditerranée Futsal et aussi international belge)

It's been 15 days that I have hurt the abs (lower abdomen), the physiotherapist of the club advised me to take one of your shorts The pain occurs at the time of a strike or a quick change of support it prevents me from finishing the match the pain increases little by little during the match

Hello, it's better the BSB allowed me to finish my season. Now it's been almost 1 month that I am at rest and I feel a little better. The Bsb helped me a lot without it I could never have finished my season.

Thank you very much


Paul Camisullis  (avenir foot Lozère N3)


I heard about your boxer strap for adductors. I am a soccer player with the future football Lozère (N3) and 2 years ago I had a pubalgia which kept me away from soccer practice 7 months. For a few days, with the resumption of the prepa, adductor pains have reappeared. My Kinesiologist advised me to invest in one of your boxer straps.

I’m very happy with the BSB it relieved me a lot during the pre-season preparation and since then it’s going perfectly. The size was good.

Thank you



Nicolas Burel  (FC Rouen N1)


I am a national 1 football player, I contracted a pubalgia in September 2017 and is currently in the recovery phase.

I have been wearing the BSB for 6 months now and it really relieves me of adductor and pubic level.

I tried for the resumption in July to do without the shorts but I quickly resumed after 10 days when I started to have the first pains.


Julien Bertoux  (Fc Sete N2)   

Super, the first workouts not easy, even after the sessions of aches which is normal.   

But no more adductor pain is the main thing :)  


Emerson Cano ( Bourgoin Jallieu N3) :

Really excellent I feel the adductors supported then during and after the efforts really no pain it is really nice thank you again for the boxer it is perfect


Salim Rachidi (Olympique Marseille  U18 National)

I tested it 2-3 times and its done me good thank you now I but too much because it is much better at the moment ...


Yacine Tchemmoum ( Montreal- PLSQ Canada)

  I used it to run on the treadmill during my cardio training and although my muscles were very tense, I was able to run for a long time without interruption and above all, without pain. It is much more practical than bandages and other kinesiology techniques which give the impression of cutting off the blood circulation after a certain time. In summary, there is nothing to say about the effectiveness of the product, it can completely change a player's approach to his training / matches.


Felipe Costa Souza ( Fabrose - PLSQ Canada)

I wore it a few times, but not all the time to get my muscle used to seeing support too much.

Sinon rien de mal à dire! Un bon produit a recommander!


Quentin Hurtis (CS Longueuil-PLSQ Canada) 

This short is perfect, I love it so much 

Thank you so much