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Corentin CADET de COUSANCE (39190)

I was operated on a pubalgia, by the surgeon REBOUL in Paris. Who himself operated Marco VERRATI and kurzawa. Since that day I’m still in pain despite a post-operative MRI which didn't show anything.

I came back to tell you my feelings, my well being .. with these shorts! I put it on more and more and I can't do without it. Since I made you through my pain repeated even after the operation of multiple pubalgia. Abdominal pubic pain, psoas, and adductors. I want to say thank you very much! I am very happy with your product! I would recommend it to all people who play in my team and who have adductor problems! Thank you !


Sabrina Donalisio

I’m 31 years old, I play soccer as a goalkeeper. I was experiencing left adductor pain. I’ve already had some pain last season. It resumed Friday night in the match after an outing, which ended my match. The pains appeared despite a good warm-up.

Since I wear the BSB at each session (training or match) my symptoms have disappeared. I don't even feel it anymore even if at the start I had some pain, reduced by the adjustment and stretching. Thank you for this invention, which at first seemed a bit "bizarre" to me.


Marco Alarcon - Joueur Equipe de france Universitaire.

I've been using BSB for a few months now, it relieved my adductor pain and allowed me to continue my season. I have a lot less apprehension with BSB. And I can adapt the tightening of the straps according to my effort. I highly recommend it. 


Pierre Bancel 

I am 36 years old and I am 183 cm tall and weigh 90 kg. I play soccer. It’s to treat pubalgia. It hurts when accelerating and hitting. 

The shorts are great for sports. I used it all the end of the football season. I don’t know if it’s related but my recovery was quick. I used the shorts tightening less and less. I have already recommended it to colleagues and have given the name of the site to my physiotherapist who works a lot with many athletes. Otherwise, these shorts are really top. Thank you so much.


Benjamin Briand

I had a pubalgia which has not been treated for 2 years and after 1 year of physiotherapy and without sport. As soon as I run pain on the 2 adductors. I had to stop football and badminton after pubalgia.

So happy to replay football and run that I forgot the main thing to thank you. Impeccable, a real treat. Thanks again


Vincent Launay

I am 19 years old, I am 1.88m tall and weigh 69.5Kg and I play soccer. The pain that I feel is at the level of the right adductor when I run and since I accelerate the pain becomes very intense, during my growth I had many problems with adductors as well.

Thanks to BSB I was able to continue playing football without stopping for my adductor problems and thank you for having marketed it ;-).


Yohann Raynaud

I'm 31 years old, I play football. I regularly have pain in the right adductors as soon as I run and hit the ball, even after the warm-ups.

Really very happy with my investment. I wore it everyday the first week. Then I only wore it for training and matches. And since then, no more pain. The sensations returned. Really very happy.


Emrick Courvalet

I’m 20 years old, I am 1m82 I weigh 69 k 500 I play football, I am a goalkeeper. I have a problem with adductors when I make clearing shots and I force it, I wear soles because I have one leg shorter than the other but I don't put them in my football boots.

I am very happy with my BSB shorts. A lot of apprehension at the beginning because I suffered so much from my adductors but I can again make clearing shots and play normally without worrying about hurting myself. I highly recommend it to all those who have the same problem as me and thank you for your interest in monitoring. 


Florian Bonin

I am 28 years old, I am 1.70 m tall and weigh 78 kg, I play football. On certain accelerations, I have a blockage pain in the adductor. I just did an MRI, the result of a small tear, with effusion at the level of the Pubis, beginning of pubalgia

Finally a return to competition, despite a very greasy terrain, no pain to adductors. The BSB shorts seem to relieve me.


Sebastien Decarpentrie

I am a regular sportsman, who has just started playing football recently, used to long outings in running, I, unfortunately, resumed the football season too quickly. And for two weeks I have had recurrent pubic pain after each press and acceleration. A sports colleague told me about your Short boxer and I would like to try it on before buying it to see if it can help me in my daily sports practice

Beginning of pubalgia in football in mid-September, progressive resumption of jogging for two weeks with the BSB shorts. Perfect, no pain, just a little discomfort that will fade I'm sure with the stretches I do every day.


Sébastien Ruster

I’m 36years 77kgs 177cm and I play football. Symptoms: Pain on the tendon of the long right adductor (at times) and pain on the pubis on the left side (inguinal canal) the pain (that of the canal) occurs when I push to accelerate on sprint .

Result with the BSB: it goes nickel the boxer relieves me a lot especially at the level of the adductors this system of strap to the adductor is really perfect


Zahir meghzili

I am 29 years old, I am 1m77 and I weigh 73kg. I play football and after the diagnosis of my doctor and my physiotherapist I have a beginning of pubalgia. The pains appear when I play soccer or even while jogging.

Very satisfied, when I play and wear the BSB I do not feel any pain or discomfort. Thank you for these shorts.


Paul Mazeau

I am 1m84 for 81 kg I play amateur football and I had spikes in the adductor when I start to accelerate as soon as training resumes in early August. It relieved the pain immediately now I put it almost more Thank you for having created this boxer.


Laplante Calice

I am 25. I play football I am a goalkeeper I measure 1.83 and my weight is 75 kilos. I play Millau in HRD. The symptoms correspond to a beginning of pubalgia it is my general practitioner who confirmed it to me, I have a little pain in the lower abdomen, and in the adductor of the right leg it made 1 month. And it hurts when I do lateral support.

Regarding the BSB short since the beginning of use I no longer have pain I am very satisfied I have advised many friends having the same pain to use it in turn thank you


Christophe Lefebvre

Effective !!!! 46 years old with still gasoline in the engine the pubalgie was a brake .. The BSB is the remedy !!! The tension adjustment holds the whole match ... The pleasure of acceleration without pain ... being able to play without any deductions is a real pleasure ... races ... strikes ... everything is possible leaving the pain in the locker room the team advice is very good I advertise it in my club !!!! (Veterans Yvelines)


Quentin Beugnon

I am 1m86 tall and weigh 82 kg. I play football at an amateur level. The pain follows a tear in the adductor and occurs since during exercise.

I took 2-3 sessions to get used to the BSB but since I really feel better I no longer feel any pain during the effort. I am really satisfied with the BSB. I could recommend it to people if need be without worries. Thank you



Good evening, I am 53 years old I weigh 70kg for 1M70 I play football since very young currently I play in veteran leisure football. for several months already I have had trouble running, I can no longer accelerate without having pain in the adductors I feel like a gene in the crotch I force to play a half-time. After the shower I find it hard to walk, lift my legs to put my pants back on for two or three days.

I am writing this message to give you my opinion on the bsb, it's been three games that I play without adductors pain I stretch well before the games as you advised me… .. thank you and am satisfied with my purchase. 


Jean Pierre loic

I am 27 years old and I practice football in competition (Regional 1) and I suffered from a pubalgia of adductors and pubis for more than 8 months until I discovered the Boxer strap Bassin, I have resumed my activity for 1 month and a half now wearing the BSB at each training and match and since more pain. I can’t do without it anymore. THANKS BSB.



history of my worries: I am 30 years old, and I practice football in club (level promotion of honor) The pains appeared in the middle of the cycle of the matches return at the level of the adductors. I forced until the end of last season and I can no longer accelerate because I have pain in the entire pubic area, pain when I get out of bed, when I sneeze, doing abs etc…

After 2 months of complete rest no improvements… I have tested the bsb since the resumption in September and I have no more pain and I can even afford to not always use it…. Really satisfied it saved my season ...

Jeremy Amic

I’ve been training with BSB for 2 weeks now and we really feel the difference.

Its been 6 months since I could not finish a training session or a match without great pains or gene in the level of the adductors and I do not speak even of the days which followed.

With the shorts I can do my three training sessions per week and my friendly preparation match when before it was impossible. Thank you for the product provides it is really effective.


François gerard

I want to share my feedback on the BSB boxer. I’m 45, I’ve been playing soccer since a young age and now indoor soccer for 15 years. I also practice padel for 2 years on a regular basis. I have had a pubalgia for 4 months and morale in my socks.

I’ve been using the BSB for a month for soccer, padel (and even for a week on ski). The result is impressive. I don't feel any pain in the effort and I don't feel any discomfort. Really effective and easy to use, I recommend the BSB 100%.


Jeremy Goussard


It's perfect thank you very much thanks to vs two of us being able to play soccer regularly without feeling the slightest discomfort


Paul Mazeau

I am 1m84 for 81 kg I play amateur football and I had spikes in the adductor when I start to accelerate as soon as training resumes in early August. It relieved the pain immediately now I put it on almost. Thank you for creating this boxer.


Adrien Joncour

Amazing sensations at the start, But my adductor pain was gone. I had just returned from a hamstring. I wear the shorts for about 1 month and I am satisfied with it.



Sergio Gomez

The BSB shorts work very well for my activity; In veteran competition we can go out and resume the match at any time so after 25 minutes of games I take a break therefore I do not experience any pain at the end and after the match

On the other hand in training, these are continuous efforts of an hour and a half and there I am obliged to calm down the efforts where to stop.

But it’s already very good to be able to continue this activity for a few more years

Thank you for this innovation, for the quality of this product, for the professional information and for the customer follow-up.

I recommend the BSB in my entourage !!

Best Regards


Henid Ramdedovic


In fact I am a football player. I'm 32 years old and have had adductor problems for two years. I did several tests but no doctor found the problem. A doctor told me that it could be the beginning of a pubalgia but during the MRI we couldn't see anything, so I have been playing with this discomfort for two years.

Salut Michel,

I am very surprised and I must admit that I am super happy with the BSB.

I hardly feel any more pain in the adductors.

A big thank you to you and BSB



Romain Ravidat

I'm 33 years old after quitting football for 5 years I decided to go back to it but that's it after 4 training sessions preparations to get me back to a good level but pubalgia stopped me dead. After putting information on the internet to find a solution because club training started 2 weeks more late I came across the BSB boxer. I ordered it directly considering the well designed site and the many testimony. Acute adductor pain disappeared from wearing BSB since nothing, I always have it with me when I play football. Thanks to the very professional and efficient team.


Mustafa Hassani

I am 28 years old I play football as well outside as futsal. My pains arise only on the ground when I defend rather intensely on several players and that I ėcarre a leg such as a movement of wide gap to prevent from pass an opponent or poke him the ball. For info last week I stick a strap along my inner left adductor that is where I am injured and this allowed me to play calmly however the right adductor which does was not strappé cost me dear and therefore in the end I was injured in the two adductors but much more the right. In the end I have the firm conviction that your BSB shorts would suit me if a single strap placed vulgarly relieved me, a patented shorties would surely be the right solution

I know I'm 4 months late but as they say is better late than never, just to make sure your product is great I managed to recover, so I stopped playing with the shorty and lately I got injured, so I thought of you because I'm going to reuse the BSB shorty.




Hello, I am Maxime, a ball player since always 4 years ago started my ordeal with a pubalgia which appeared at the beginning as a discomfort with the right inguinal fold. I play twice a week at 11 for 5 years and therefore 4 years ago the pain became unbearable especially after the effort with two days of intense clodication allowing me to do full seasons and just as much frustration. Last year I started using the short bsb and no more discomfort and even less pain. Coupled with stretching, the effect was magical for me and I was finally able to do a full season! Thank you so much for this product to the whole bsb-pubalgie team!


Eric Benais

Je mesure 1m90 82 kg

Practice football since the age of 6 years plays in u19 national level injured at the same period last year left side 3 months off and the right side by cons the least serious on last year just a month and a half off but I have decided to go to the osteopath I had the pubis shifted the next day 80 percent of the adductor pain less but I still feel a little slight pain I resumed the bike currently not the mat and I was told to strengthen pelvis gluteus. I have tries to do on July 27 I still have a month for cardio and the resumption of the race

Very positive feedback still feels a little slight discomfort at the level of the adductor since I stayed 3 months with the pubis shifted but it reassures when I wear it

Thank you



Pierre Henry Consols

Hello, very positive feedback By playing a game of twenty with no pain during three weeks of vacation I did a lot of swimming but only one time tennis without the BSB, No adductor pain. thank you for everything Pierre Henri

Benjamin Terra

Hello, Age: 23 years Weight: 77 KG Height: 182 cm Sport: Foot + running Symptoms: As soon as I run, after 10 minutes in general, I start to feel pain in the pubic area which extends to the adductors if I force. I have a sporting event planned for many months which takes place next month, hence my interest in your shorts which could reduce my pain.

Hello Michel, My pubalgia is now healed. This thanks to a session with the osteopath and the bsb who relieved me during my sports sessions at first. I can now run and play soccer without the bsb and without pain.



Hello, Age 33 years Weight 75 kilo Size 1.75 Sport foot Symptoms are adductor pain as soon as I start running I feel pain under the buttock and in the right adductor and a pain in the level of the left groin I cannot accelerate and as I am left-handed I cannot make center or strike with my foot left I feel pain too thank you in advance


I’ve tested it for a few games with adductor pain and I didn’t feel it during the game or after. bravo i validate thank you again



Victor Traineau

I have a pubalgia, I am 22 years old, measures 1.73 m, weighs 67.5 and I practice football in club and bodybuilding in the gym.


it's going very well, I use it all the time, that said I would like to need it a little less