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  1. For men and women.
  2. For athletes or not with temporary but disabling pains, which do not allow to be 100%= preventive role.
  3. For athletes or not who have significant pain and who want to speed up their recovery time and quickly resume their activities = curative role.
  4. For adolescents who have pains related to growth: bone growth is faster than muscle and tendon growth, hence the arrival of several painful conflicts at this age.


To prevent injuries : preventive role 

If you have frequent but not permanent pain in the adductors or in the pelvis, you can put on your Boxer Strap Bassin BSB shorts without tightening them during your activity. As soon as you start to feel the beginning of pain you will just have to tighten the 3 integrated straps in order to "put yourself in safety" and to be able to finish your activity without making your pain worse and to avoid any significant injury (point of contracture, elongation …).


In case of pains : curative role

The BSB Boxer Strap Bassin shorts allow adjustment of the tightening intensity thanks to its 3 loops and 3 integrated straps. You will be able to adapt the Boxer Strap Bassin BSB shorts to your liking: intensive tightening for severe pain then decrease in tightening as the pain disappears.


For athletes people

Being able to continue playing sports without stopping in order to keep your optimal physical condition (no stop of 3 weeks minimum to treat a more serious injury or miss training and games)and not start from scratch if you have a specific goal.




For the coach

Do not have players who are not available for too long. Example: injury started during the last training session before an important match. BSB shorts allow you to play this game safely without risking further injury.